Saturday, May 29, 2010

Press Briefing

May 29, 2010

Statement by the President on Efforts by Secretary Gates to Reform Pentagon Spending

The global financial crisis: Why were some countries hit harder? By S. Pelin Berkmen, Gaston Gelos, Robert Rennhack, James P. Walsh

The Top Ten Lessons of the Global Economic Meltdown. By Walter Russell Mead

On Memorial Day - What we owe to the fallen, and to those now serving.

'Pieces of Eight': The Constitution and the Dollar - With everyone suddenly fretting about the need for a new world reserve currency, unorthodox views on the Federal Reserve are getting a new hearing.

Empire State Charter Victory - But unions extract some pieces of Silver

Move Right and Lose: Evidence from the 2000-2008 U.S. Senate Elections

Entitlements Are Forever - The legal fight over California's attempt to balance its budget.

Whither Fannie and Freddie? A Proposal for Reforming the Housing GSEs

Uribe, The Man Who Saved Colombia - Eight years ago, Latin America's oldest democracy was on the brink. The outgoing president explains how he restored the peace.

The Fruits of Stagnation - Europe's shrunken economies yield good news for global-warming campaigners.

Memorandum from White House Counsel Regarding the Review of Discussions Relating to Congressman Sestak

Rahm to Bill to Joe - The former president as political cutout in the case of Sestak

All The News That Fits: Junk science and The New York Times. By Henry I. Miller
On Andrew Pollack's news articles on issues related to genetic engineering applied to agriculture

No, We Don't Need a Teacher Bailout. By Neal McCluskey

A Look at the Senate Democratic Proposal for Immigration Reform: Is the Glass Half Empty, Half Full or Shattered on the Ground?