Monday, June 28, 2010

Press Briefing

Jun 29, 2010

WH: Elena Kagan's Opening Testimony

Sarbox Survives - A modest victory for Presidential power

The Supreme Court's Gun Showdown - Privileges or Immunities Clause

The White House Blog - President Obama on the Loss of Senator Robert Byrd: "A Voice of Principle and Reason"

King of Pork—and Proud of It - Robert Byrd made the most of his time in the Senate

The President's Plan to Increase Spectrum - Technology & the Economy

Panetta's Bomb - Now the CIA tells us Iran is going nuclear, and sanctions won't work

Cutting Waste by Reforming IT

Afghanistan: Eyes Wide Shut - Federal President's ambivalence toward the war is energizing our enemies and undermining our allies

The White House Blog - Improved Access to Preventive Care for Seniors

Five Gun Salute - The High Court's four liberals are holding out to overturn Heller

IMF Analsyt Study: Currency Hedging for International Portfolios. By Jochen M. Schmittmann
Summary: This paper examines the benefits from hedging the currency exposure of international investments in single- and multi-country equity and bond portfolios from the perspectives of German, Japanese, British and American investors. Over the period 1975 to 2009, hedging of currency risk substantially reduced the volatility of foreign investments at a quarterly  investment horizon. Contrary to previous studies, the paper finds that at longer investment horizons of up to five years the case for hedging for risk reduction purposes remained strong.In addition to its impact on risk, hedging affected returns in economically meaningful magnitudes in some cases.

The End of Community Banking - Creditworthy borrowers will be denied loans as small banks devote more and more energy to regulatory compliance

White House Open For Questions: Energy and Climate Legislation with Heather Zichal

Stopping the Slick, Saving the Environment: A Framework for Response, Recovery, and Resiliency

U.S., Pakistan Hold Strategic Dialogue on Health Issues

Will Elena Kagan Defend the Rule of Law?

Press Briefing

Jun 28, 2010

EPA Bans Human "Guinea Pig" Studies

Krugman: The Third Depression

Canada: Land of the Free - At the G-20 summit in Toronto this weekend it will lead the charge against new bank taxes and for spending restraint. Who says our neighbor is boring?

The German Experiment - The government sets a premium price on solar and other alternative power sources. The policy offers lessons in ways to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Generation Gap - The Kerry-Lieberman energy bill would enervate America

Why Friedrich Hayek Is Making a Comeback - With the failure of Keynesian stimulus, the late Austrian economist's ideas on state power and crony capitalism are getting a new hearing

WaPo on Kagan: A Supreme conversation

Kagan's Commerce Clause - Can Congress compel Americans to do anything?

The White House Blog - A Cause for Hope

On S Korea Trade Agreement: Smart trade

Korean Trade Epiphany - Federal President discovers the benefits of an agreement he has disdained for three years

Forbes on Hillary Clinton As Accidental Supply-Sider - She's right about Brazil's growth. She's wrong about its tax rates

Petraeus and Obama's Uncertain Trumpet - There is a mismatch between the general's Afghan mission and the president's summons to his countrymen

The White House Blog: Keeping Up with the G8 and G20

Triumph of the Regulators - The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill doubles down on the same system that failed

Weekly Address: Finishing the Job on Wall Street Reform

The Kevin Rudd Lesson - Australia's prime minister fell because he threatened the nation's economic prosperity

In 2009, U.S. Led the Rest of the World in Increases of Oil and Natural Gas Production; China Recorded the Greatest Increase in Energy Consumption and Emissions