Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Press Briefing

Aug 12, 2010

Why Obama Is Still the Favorite in 2012 - Hispanic voters hold the balance of power—and Republicans aren't winning their support

Europe Jumps Off the Keynesian Bus - The economy is looking bright in Britain and Germany after those governments announced plans to reduce spending

Nuclear Reactor Renaissance - Nuclear reactor design is poised for a desperately needed revival. Here are seven contenders.

The White House Blog - Another Step Towards Sustainable Recovery

No Bad Idea Left Behind - Congress turns even a border security bill into a job killer

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore a Stimulus Success Story; Project to Add Desperately Needed Highway Capacity

Gay Marriage: Leave It to the Voters - I support it as a policy matter, but having the courts mandate it promises trauma of the sort that followed Roe v. Wade

Commerce Secretary: The Cost-Saving Census

Washington vs. Paul Ryan - What happens when a politician is more honest than his critics

Press Briefing

Aug 11, 2010

Update: U.S. Response to Pakistan's Flooding Disaster

Washington Post economics columnist Robert Samuelson on avoiding the economic fate of Western Europe

Pakistan's Project of Renewal - The floods are only the latest challenge to hit my country, says President Zardari

The High Costs of Very Low Interest Rates - Money that should be invested to create jobs is instead funding government debt, while worried consumers sit on the sidelines

The Case For Birthright Citizenship - Since the abolition of slavery, we have never denied citizenship to any group of children born in the U.S. Why change now?

Urging Iran to Respect the Fundamental Freedoms of its Citizens, by State Sec Hillary Clinton

Recusal Refusal - NLRB appointee Craig Becker's evolving definition of ethics

Discussion on the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Quantitative Easing 2 - The Fed revs up the helicopter

Implementation of Iran Sanctions, by Robert J Einhorn, Special Advisor Nonproliferation and Arms Control

End of the Net Neut Fetish - What the Google-Verizon deal really means for the wireless future

New START Bilateral Consultative Commission (BCC)

Stimulus Pushers - The latest bailout for public unions and spendthrift states