Thursday, August 26, 2010

Press Briefing

Aug 27, 2010

USAID Launches Pakistan Flood Relief Info Sharing on “Humari Awaz” Cell Phone Network

A new study confirms what I've been saying for decades: Paying high fees to fund managers is the route to lower returns

The SEC's Sop to Unions - Under the new rules, average shareholders won't muster the numbers to influence corporate elections

A Challenge for WTC Mosque Opponents - The rights of American Muslims are being questioned in other locations. Will Gingrich and Palin speak out on their behalf?

Blanche Lincoln's Last Earmark: changes to Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (SURE) - The spending problem, in profile

Protecting Medicare Benefits and Offering Clear Choices for Seniors

Intel's Otellini: "the next big thing will not be invented here. Jobs will not be created here. And wealth will not accrue here. Ultimately, we will face an inevitable erosion and shift of wealth—much like we are witnessing today in Europe."

Women's Equality Day and the 90th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Scapegoating For-Profit Colleges - Obama tees up another private industry for punishment

200,000 Homes Weatherized Under the Recovery Act

Time for Obama to Pull a Clinton - When I met with the president in early 1995, I warned him he would not be re-elected unless he changed his reputation

UN mapping report leaked: Crime of genocide against Hutu center of controversy

Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future - Few Californians in the private sector have $1 million in savings, but that's effectively the retirement account they guarantee to many government employees

Press Briefing

Aug 26, 2010

Jared Bernstein on Republicans, the Recovery Act and "jobs created or saved"

The Military Should Mirror the Nation - America's Armed Forces are drawn from an increasingly narrow segment of society

Five Principles to Make “Contingent Capital” More Like Capital and Less Contingent!.html

Stop the Madness - Washington is spending the country into economic decline

The IRS Targets Incompetent Tax Preparers - That's good news. But the agency is going overboard

U.S. Provides $50 Million in Early Recovery Aid to Pakistan Flood Victims

Big Foot on Campus - Why colleges want a waiver from ObamaCare

Minutes of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy July 2010 Official Meeting

Oil Spill & The Gulf Claims Racket - The lawyers are upset they aren't getting more of the action

A Muslim Reformer on the Mosque - The warriors for tolerance and the antimosque crusaders are both wrong

The Fed Is Running Low on Ammo - It still has options if more monetary easing is needed. But they're not very effective

IMF Paper: Can Global Liquidity Forecast Asset Prices?

The White House is having a disastrous 'summer of recovery.'