Monday, October 4, 2010

Press Briefing

Oct 03, 2010

Will Obama's foreign policy follow his new democracy rhetoric?

From Wikinomics to the Tea Party - Government is the institution most obviously frozen in the pre-Web era

The case for ambulance service fees

Adam Smith - A mind that ranged over politics, law and ethics—and produced the definitive defense of free markets

Right call on the Black Panthers

Target: Ireland - Europe tries to beat the Republic into tax submission

White House - Building Skills for America’s Future

Leahy's Supreme Tie-Breakers - A plan for liberal Justices to come out of retirement

Helping More Women-Owned Small Businesses Compete for Federal Contracts

'Essential' Bailouts - Under Dodd-Frank, some creditors are more equal than others

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kicks Off

The Lap Dog Coalition - Blue Dog Democrats voted with Nancy Pelosi 80% of the time on economic issues

Statement by the President on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Reunification of East and West Germany

Historian Victor Davis Hanson writes that the American university is the most politically intolerant and monolithic institution in the country

The White House Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference

The Trade and Tax Doomsday Clocks

U.S. Stabilization Capabilities: Lessons Learned From Kyrgyzstan

Peace Doesn't Keep Itself - Defense spending has increased at a much lower rate than domestic spending in recent years and is not the cause of soaring deficits

Enough With the Low Interest Rates! - Fed policy punishes savers without making credit more readily available

The Obama Experts vs. the Rule of Law

George Washington was a genius and a titan, but it was politics, not war, at which he excelled

Alien Tort Victory - Business can't be held liable for overseas human rights abuses

IMF: Shaping the New Financial System
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School Reform Rainmakers - John Walton had the right idea for education donors

Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy

China's Aggressive New Diplomacy - Beijing drives its neighbors into the arms of the U.S.