Thursday, September 9, 2010

Press Briefing

Sep 09, 2010

In "Origins," Annie Murphy Paul explores current scientific thinking about how our lives are shaped by what happens to us in utero

Dr. Seuss and the Afghan Military - Afghan soldiers and police are plenty intelligent. Literacy will help them become a modern force

The White House Blog - Boehner's Budget Gimmicks: Another Attempt to Hold Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage

How ObamaCare Guts Medicare - The president's pledge that 'If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep it' clearly does not apply to America's seniors

Joint Statement of Secretaries Geithner and Clinton on the Republic of Korea's Announcement of Sanctions on Iran

The Federal Heath-Care Tease - Minnesota's Governor declines to take the ObamaCare bait

Importance of Investment in the Global Economy

Caricature in Cleveland - You can't restore business confidence by bashing business

Symposium: What Should the Federal Reserve Do Next?

In Guyana, Saying Farewell to the HSV Swift

The health-care overhaul enacted last spring won't significantly change national health spending over the next decade compared with projections before the law was passed - government figures

First Lady Michelle Obama Delivers Call to Action for Improved Childhood Nutrition and Physical Fitness

A President's Class War - Where on the income scale does Mr. Obama divide the country between us and them?

Corruption and Finance: Are Innovative Firms Victims or Perpetrators?

Federal President's Foreign Policy: Neglecting Allies and Appeasing Foes

Update: U.S. Response to Pakistan's Flooding Disaster

Tax Contradictions - Obama says the economy needs a tax cut—and a tax increase