Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Press Briefing

Jul 01, 2010

10th Anniversary of Ukraine Women's Fund, by Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues. Kyiv, Ukraine

Remarks at Enough Project Panel on Conflict Minerals, by Robert D. Hormats, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs. Remarks as Prepared for Delivery. Washington, DC

The Global Jobs Competition Heats Up - In a new study, corporate leaders say the U.S. business environment is losing its edge when compared countries like China, India and Brazil

India’s strategic advantage over China in Africa

Hastings College of the Law, Christian Legal Society case - The Supreme Court's 'Subsidies': The Justices erode freedom of association

Statement from the President on the Passage of Financial Reform

Kagan's Commerce Show-and-Tell - Hints about her views on ObamaCare

Indo Pak Rapprochement: Unexplored Option of Military to Military Engagement

Libertarians: RomneyCare Unleashed Adverse Selection, As Will ObamaCare

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Fact Sheet

Teacher Tenure Breakout - The new D.C. contract could be a national reform model

Libertarians On Immigrants and Crime: Perception vs. Reality

G-20 leaders don't agree with the president that more spending will revive the economy. Nor do most Americans.

Research on global financial stability: the use of BIS international financial statistics

New Industry Study: Kerry-Lieberman to Destroy Up to 5.1 Million Jobs, Cost Families $1,042 per Year, Wealthiest Americans to Benefit

Vice President Biden's Visit With General Petraeus

The Dodd-Frank Financial Fiasco - The bill all but guarantees bailouts as far as the eye can see, while failing to address real problems like Fan and Fred and our outdated bankruptcy code

CBO: The Long-Term Budget Outlook

Obama’s Oil Spill To-Do List

Espionage History and the 'Russian 10' - The arrest of 'sleeper agents' on U.S. soil is the stuff of spy novels, not the Cold War

Gun Shy - Four Supreme Court justices make the case against constitutional rights

The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns

Clinton-Obama: The back story