Friday, October 8, 2010

Press Briefing

Oct 08, 2010

The Employment Situation in September

Tibetans Find Freedom in Exile - Since the Dalai Lama's expulsion in 1959, India has become home to at least 120,000

New Patterns of Investment in the Global Economy: Implications for U.S. Leadership

The U.S. Will Lose a China Trade War - Washington can't afford a weak-dollar policy. The only thing standing between the U.S. and a Greek-style sovereign debt crisis is the dollar's status as the global currency.

Update: U.S. Response to Pakistan's Flooding Disaster

Missed Trade Opportunity - The European Union capitalizes on U.S. protectionism -- South Korea Free Trade Agreement

Community of Democracies Informal Ministerial Meeting

The 'Limited Inflationists' - Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his QE Street Band

Remarks at the Trygve Lie Symposium on Business and Human Rights

Murdoch: Unless we measure success by how children perform, we'll have higher standards for pop stars than public schools

How to Contain Radical Islam: Lessons from South Asia

How a Bagram Detainee Foiled the Euro Terror Plot - The plan was disrupted because we were lucky enough to have the key witness in detention. It's a shame we didn't try to extract similar intelligence from Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad.

Using Functional Populations to Create More Realistic Simulations

Revolt of the Accountants - Washington is turning America into Paperwork Nation

Remarks for Launch of Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health

Obama's Energy-Policy Goals Versus China's

China's Ambitions in the South China Sea

Side Effects: Obamacare Compels More Employers to Dump Coverage

The Protectionist Instinct - Political support for free trade is a remarkable achievement of civic education—one threatened by our weak economy

Will Growing Government Debt Undermine the American Dream? The Implications of Mounting Federal Debt and Spending for the Debt-Paying Generation