Monday, September 27, 2010

Press Briefing

Sep 27, 2010

White House Council on Women and Girls’ Friday Highlights

The Regulation Tax Keeps Growing - Blame Washington, not China, for the decline of American manufacturing

White House: Emergency Planning for the Entire Community

The Send Jobs Overseas Act - Ending the deferral of foreign income is another tax on U.S. employment

Curb Corruption or Lose the War - Association with the CIA has given some Afghan officials a sense of impunity, which threatens Gen. Petraeus's hearts-and-minds effort

How to Grow Out of the Deficit - Limiting spending increases to inflation minus 1% would balance the budget in less than a decade

White House - Dodging the Impact of Their Policies "Across the Board"

The Non-Economist's Economist - John Kenneth Galbraith avoided technical jargon and wrote witty prose—too bad he got so much wrong