Thursday, July 8, 2010

Press Briefing

Jul 09, 2010

America's Growing Innovation Gap - We've fallen behind according to studies and my experience as a CEO. Here's how to reclaim our edge.

Persistent Unemployment - It erodes the skills of the labor force and reduces future productivity

The White House Blog: From Sand to Solar

Our Pro-Business President - The White House says he's misunderstood

Beyond Madrasas: Assessing the Links Between Education and Militancy in Pakistan

An Obama Home Run - He picks a fighting general for Centcom, Marine General James Mattis

The White House Blog: More Seniors to Receive One-Time Donut Hole Rebate Checks

Five Democrats on the Senate Energy Committee last week delivered a rebuke to the White House, voting with Reps to have Congress set up an "independent" commission to investigate the BP disaster, bypassing the President's appointees

Youth Transitions to Employment and Marriage in Iran: Evidence from the School to Work Transition Survey

The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy - Union 'card-check,' cap and trade, and so much more

The White House Blog: Going Green in Denver

Why This Isn't Like 1938—At Least Not Yet - Stock prices show we've dodged another depression, but toxic, antibusiness

rhetoric and policy errors like the Dodd-Frank bill are hurting the still-fragile recovery

The White House Blog: Smith Electric Just One Example of Innovation in Kansas City

New START is a Non-Starter

White House's Peter Orszag: SAVE More

Fact Checking the Fact Checker: A Response to Senator Kerry

Introducing Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas Fellow Daniel M. Kammen

Federal Government Overpaid $47 Billion a Year

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony Establishing the U.S.-Angola Strategic Partnership Dialogue

Why Limits On Banker Bonuses Are Meaningless

US Scientists Discover Powerful Antibodies for HIV

Words you cannot say at Naval War College

Press Briefing

Jul 08, 2010

The White House Blog: Progress on the National Export Initiative & Job Creation

The New Start Treaty: Time for a Careful Look - The Senate shouldn't rubber stamp an arms control strategy rooted in a vision of 'nuclear zero' without opening up the negotiating record

The White House Blog - Solar and Smart Grid: Powering a Clean Energy Future

The Right Way to Raise Wages - The president's drive to strengthen unions will increase unemployment

The White House Blog: How Affordable Care Act Helps Veterans

The Superfund Bait and Switch - Reviving another tax on business

U.S. Embassy Santiago: Ambassador Simons Launches Eco-Friendly Project at Fourth of July Celebration

The Arabs on Iran - The U.A.E. ambassador tells the truth

Patient Assistance Programs - Since the launch of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance program in April 2005, over 6 million patients have been matched with programs that provide free or nearly free medicines

Unemployment Benefits Aren't Stimulus - Let's not reduce the incentive to find work. A federal tax holiday is a better way to cut the high jobless rate.

Conference on sub-Saharan Africa : Women's Inclusion and Participation. By Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues

Conservatives on Federal President's Dr. Donald Berwick: "The Rationer-in-Chief"

Secretary Clinton Holds Town Hall With Georgian Women Leaders

Swede Bites Dog: Moderate Party-linked students offer to load and unload Israeli cargo

IMF: World growth is projected at about 4½ percent in 2010 and 4¼ percent in 2011. Relative to the April 2010 World Economic Outlook (WEO), this represents an upward revision of about ½ percentage point in 2010, reflecting stronger activity during the first half of the year.

WTO issues panel report on Airbus dispute

Dissent in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards