Monday, September 13, 2010

Press Briefing

Sep 13, 2010

Prez Obama & Gov Kaine: Moving America Forward

To Pressure Iran, Squeeze Russia and China - European governments have joined the international sanctions effort. But Beijing and Moscow aren't going along

White House - Another Government Shutdown?

Darth Boehner - Democrats want voters to fear the GOP leader more than their policies

U.S. Responds to Mudslides, Flooding in Guatemala

Sebelius Has a List - Political thuggery from HHS

The U.S. Needs Its Own Industrial Policy - China's government incubates business with capital and other incentives. So should America's.

The Size of Government and the Choice This Fall - In polls, Americans overwhelmingly prefer small government and low taxes to the alternative. Yet they've been given big government, one program at a time.

China's 'Finlandization' Strategy in the Pacific - Beijing is moving aggressively to counter US power projection in Asia to bring our allies under its sway.

The Afghanistan Study Group Report: An Exercise in Determined Ignorance

Feed-In Tariffs Are Good for Expensive Renewables, But Are They Good for Consumers?

Remarks by the First Lady at September 11th Memorial Service

Don't Expect Much From the R&D Tax Credit - Apple does little of the kind of research that would be eligible. Nor do the thousands of companies that develop applications and accessories for iPhones and iPads.

IMF Working Paper: Bank Capital and Uncertainty

Mr. Obama hit Republicans hard for not passing his $42 billion Small Business Jobs Act

Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Melanne Verveer Travels to India and China

Questions for Imam Rauf From an American Muslim - He may not appear to the untrained eye to be an Islamist, but by making Ground Zero an Islamic rather than an American issue he shows his true allegiance

The President's Press Conference: From the Economy to the Middle East and "What This Nation Was Founded On"

The ACLU Is Dismissed - Obama wins one for the Presidency on the state-secrets privilege