Thursday, June 24, 2010

Press Briefing

Jan 25, 2010

On BPA: Speak Up, Science & Industry -- or Forever Hold Your Peace

Obama Is Missing in Action on Gay Rights - Ted Olson is on the right side of history. When will the president step up?

Ambassador Eikenberry Receives First Honorary Degree From National Military Academy of Afghanistan

A Weakened U.S. Goes to the G-20 - In Toronto, summiteers will be courting China—not the U.S.—as the world's pre-eminent source of dollar financing

Petraeus's Opportunity - His selection reassures our Afghan allies that the U.S. will not begin substantial troop reductions until the Afghans can handle the insurgents on their own

The Roundtable's Great Awakening - Big business discovers President Obama's 'hostile environment.'

Breakthrough in Capturing Lost Energy in Solar Cells - "Hot carrier" solar cells could be twice as efficient as today's

Why It's Safer to Drill in the 'Backyard' - Texas has had 102 oil and gas well blowouts since the start of 2006, without catastrophic consequences

The White House Blog - Reset with Russia Continues

Repeal ObamaCare: Yes We Can

Policies of Scarcity in a Land of Plenty

Conrad Black's Revenge - The Supreme Court reins in a vague and often abused law

Assistant Secretary Brimmer Speaks With Students at John Cabot University. By Esther Brimmer, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organization Affairs. Rome, Italy

No Rush to Judgment on New START