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Ref list of kink/NSFW related pixiv tags + a wish list

Ref list of kink/nsfw related pixiv tags. Graphic Sexual Horror. May 22,2013. https://graphicsexualhorror.tumblr.com/post/51023977906/ref-list-of-kink-nsfw-related-pixiv-tags

never complete but at least p extensive i think!!! not very well ordered though, sorry. also ah if i got anything wrong please tell me! otherwise enjoy

SM - s&m obviously

拘束 / 緊縛 (shibari?) / 束縛 / 拘束 / ボンデージ - all just bondage i think, if any of them refer to more specific things lemme know, related: 縄 - rope 鎖 - chain ガムテープ - tape リボン縛り - ribbon

監禁 / 閉じ込め - confinement

手首押さえつけ - held down by the wrists

後ろ手 - hands behind back

四肢拘束 - restrained limbs

拘束衣 - straitjacket

締め付け - constriction/coiling

ドM - masochism, ドS - sadism

触手 - tentacles

鼻フック - nose hook

首枷 - stocks

首輪 - collar

猿轡 / 口枷 - gag (ボールギャグ - ball gag)

ピアス - piercing (乳首ピアス - nipple, コルセットピアス - corset)

奴隷 - slave

ぶっかけ - bukkake

中出し - coming inside

精液 - come

汁 - vaginal juices

唾液 - saliva

顔射 - facial

フェラチオ- blowjob

イマラチオ - deepthroat

手コキ - handjob

手マン - fingering

足コキ - footjob

パイズリ - titfuck

オナニー - masturbation

ローション - lotion

ロウソク - candle wax

異物挿入 - object insertion

機械姦 - fucking machine

バイブ - vibrator (リモコンバイブ - remote controlled)

ディルド - dildo

処女 - virgin

破瓜 / 処女喪失 - deflowering

フィストファック - fisting

ぽっちゃり - chubby, 肥満 - fat

貧乳 - small breasts

巨乳 / 爆乳 - busty

フェラ - oral focus(?)

ふともも - thigh/leg focus

おしり - ass focus (アナル - anal)

背中 - back focus

お腹 - stomach/navel focus

筋肉 - muscle/bara?, 筋肉娘 - specifically muscled women

パイパン - shaved, 剃毛 - shaving

体毛 - body hair (陰毛 - pubic, 腋毛 - underarm, 胸毛 - chest, 髭 - facial)

三角木馬 - wooden horse

くすぐり - tickling

ショタ - shota (ぷにショタ - chubby shota, デブショタ - fat shota, 筋ショタ - muscled shota, ケモショタ - furry shota, おねショタ - younger boy older woman)

ロリ - loli (ロリ巨乳 - busty loli

近親相姦 / おねショ - incest (general family tags see r-18 section for porn only: 双子 - twins, 姉弟 - brother and sister, 兄妹 - big brother little sister, 親子 - parent and child, 母子 - mother and child)

女装 - crossdressing

ニーソ - knee socks

ストッキング - stockings

絶対領域 - zettai ryouiki

スク水 - swimsuit

体操着 - gym clothes

メガネ - glasses

眼帯 - eyepatch

包帯 - bandages

ポニーガール - ponyplay

バニーガール - bunny girl

ケモノ - furry

機械 - robot

モンスター - monster

レイプ / 強姦 - noncon

輪姦 - gangbang

痴漢 - groping, sexual harassment

睡姦 - somnophilia

石化 / 固め - mineralisation, turning to stone

氷漬け - trapped in ice

放置プレイ - “left play” (see here)

産卵 - oviposition

スカトロ - scat

おむつ - diapers

おしっこ / 放尿 - watersports (おもらし - omorashi, 飲尿 - urine consumption)

嘔吐 - vomit (ゲロ - violent vomiting?)

浣腸 - enema

授乳 / 母乳 - lactation

妊婦 / 妊娠 - pregnancy

出産 - birthing

巨大娘 - giantess

皮モノ - skin.. suit.. thing? ?? hard to explain omg. pixiv calls it monoskin or something

臭いフェチ - musk/body odor

汚パンツ - dirty underwear

汗 - sweat

全身タイツ - zentai (body suit)

ラテックス - latex, ラバー - rubber

赤ちゃんプレイ - infantilism

抱き枕 - body pillow

言葉責め - verbal abuse(?)

凌辱 - humiliation

露出 - public/exposed

身体に落書き - writing on body

洗脳 - mind control(?)

鞭打ち - whipping

スパンキング / お尻ペンペン / お尻叩き - spanking (体罰 - “corporal punishment”)

調教 - training/obedience

お仕置き / おしおき - punishment

水責め - drowning

吊り - hanging/suspension

首絞め /  窒息 / 絞首刑 - hanging/choking/strangulation

磔 - crucifixion

眼孔姦 - skullfucking

脳姦 - brainfucking

ネクロフィリア / 屍姦 - necrophilia

カニバリズム / 食人 - cannibalism

斬首 / 生首 - decapitation

奇形 / 猟奇 - body horror

グロテスク - grotesque, グロ - guro 

拷問 - torture/torment

切断/ 欠損 - amputation/mutilation/nullification

流血 / 出血 - bloodshed

内臓 / 臓器 - internal organs

四肢切断 - dismemberment

達磨 - quadruple amputee

獣姦 - zoophilia (異種姦 / 異種和姦  - interspecies, 犬姦 - dogs, 狼姦 - wolves, 猫姦 - felines, 馬姦 - horses, 鳥姦 - birds, 蟲姦 - insects, 竜姦 - dragons n dinosaurs n stuff, ポケ姦 - pokemon, モン姦 - monsters?, スライム姦 - slime)

虐待 - abuse

処刑 - execution, 公開処刑 - public execution, エロ処刑  - erotic execution

捕食 - predation

解剖 - dissection

蓮コラ - trypo

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damagedgirl87 (Tumblr.com)

Wish list

Saw some other cunt’s list and thought I’d make my own. Some of this is kinda nasty, some of it is down right sweet... just like me 😉

1. Force me to eat off of the floor in front of you (bonus if others are around).

2. After being plugged I want to be fucked while I am forced to keep the plug in my mouth. Punish me if it comes out.

3. Slap me over and over across the face until I can no longer take it. I want the tears.

4. Feed me those tears

5. Force me to remove my clothes and makeup and wet my hair infront of someone.

6. Having my insecurities negatively commented on as I get fingered and forced to cum.

7. Drip the cum out of the condom we just used all over my face and tell me I’m pretty.

8. Make me lick your ass, but not your cock.

9. Make me model all my new clothing for you. Tell me what I’m allowed to keep.

10. Fall asleep with your cock inside me, wake up to you jacking off with the tip still in my cunt.

11. Jack off while you watch porn onto my face. Don’t even look at me or talk to me.

12. Fuck me until I puke. Make me lick it up.

13. Make me drink a bunch of milk with food coloring in it so I puke a lot and it looks crazy. Bonus if I can mix a banana in so it smells really good when I explode.

14. Make me wear no panties. If you do want me to wear them occasionally make me go to the bathroom when you say, take them off and put them in my mouth. Make me keep that gag in to keep me quiet while we’re out.

15. Spit in my eyes and don’t let me wipe it.

16. Write horrible things across my body. Make me masturbate in front of you while you record me getting off while being humiliated.

17. Eat your meals off of me. Let my stomach grumble. Tease me with a teeny tiny bite. Shove your food into my cunt. I can be a perfect table.

18. Write lists of chores for me to do for you around your house. Let me do them cuffed, ankles attached to a spreader bar. Watch me struggle while you slow stroke your cock.

19. Throw in random rules for the day. Like I must edge every half hour. So in the middle of conversation I just have to pull my pants down and edge.

20. Punish me with soap on my tongue. Punish me with hot sauce on my tongue. I will cry.

21. Make me cum until I cry.

22. Punch me like a punching bag. Tell me it’s my fault.

23. Make me tell you every time I get wet, make fun of me for being so needy.

24. Make me hold myself wide open after you fuck me and take pix of how gaped you’ve made my holes.

25. Let’s play a game. I won’t move or make a noise. If I do - you beat me. I’m your doll!

26. When I talk about feminism to you, unzip your pants. Shove your cock in my mouth. Make me keep talking, mumbled around your cock. Laugh at me.

27. Hook your fingers in my nose, hook your fingers in my mouth. Tell me it makes me look prettier.

28. Have me sit in the shower. Piss all over me. Jack off on my body while I tell you dirty things. Leave me there to clean myself up.

29. Let me rub my cunt against your knee or your boot.

30. Make me wear my buttplug out to remind me of you.

31. Make me ask for permission to use the washroom - deny it sometimes

32. Make me repeat after you - horrible degrading things about myself.

33. Pretty please feed me drugs, medicine, alcohol... then rape my drowsy or passed out holes.

34. Choke me until I black out. Multiple times in a row.

35. Make me wait by the door for you. Face down, ass up, spread and ready. Bring a friend home to use my holes.

36. Tie me up and throw me in the trunk. Make me feel worried and claustrophobic. Make me freak the fuck out.

37. Make me talk about wanting to fuck my father or Trump or someone else awful as you fuck me.

38. Make me talk about wanting to be raped as you fuck me.

39. Fuck random parts of my body (between my thighs or tied up arms for example).

40. Put a bag over my head. Tie it tight around my neck. Watch me struggle.

41. Make me listen to hypno files on repeat. Slowly finger my holes as I do or keep a vibe on my clit.

42. Be nice to me. Shove my head under water. Fuck me. Pull me up and give me lots of kisses.

43. Make me stretch my cunt and then tell me about how you need a tighter girl.

44. When I’m sad for any reason, shove your cock in me and tell me my problems don’t matter.

45. Fuck me in the bathroom at the bar. Leave the stall door open so other guys can watch.


Fast women? Greater short-term mating orientation (more casual sex and more partners) was positively associated with childhood socioeconomic status

“Fast” women? The effects of childhood environments on women's developmental timing, mating strategies, and reproductive outcomes. Tran Dinh, Martie G. Haselton, Steven W. Gangestad. Evolution and Human Behavior, December 28 2021. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2021.12.001

Abstract: The fast-slow paradigm of life history theory has been a popular approach to individual differences in the evolutionary behavioral sciences. Currently, however, the fast-slow paradigm faces several theoretical and empirical challenges. Motivated by questions regarding the validity of certain assumptions of the paradigm, the current study provides an empirical investigation of human female “fast” versus “slow” strategies. In a sample of 1867 women recruited using MTurk, we use structural equation modeling (SEM) to test whether childhood exposure to different environmental variables had unique effects on proposed life history traits, whether mediated by—or independent of—pubertal timing. Models also test whether the proposed life history traits covary with one another as expected by the paradigm. Data reveal that exposure to violence and poor health in particular, but not environmental harshness or unpredictability in general, had significant effects on pubertal timing. Pubertal timing appeared to mediate effects of childhood environments on age at sexual debut, but not any other adult outcome (e.g., sociosexual orientations, reproductive outcomes). Some associations with mating strategies were incompatible with assumptions of the prevailing fast-slow paradigm; for instance, greater short-term mating orientation was positively associated with childhood socioeconomic status and negatively associated with offspring number. These results highlight the need for a new or revised theoretical approach to understanding developmental, mating, and reproductive strategies.

Keywords: Life historyChildhood adversityPubertal timingMating strategiesReproductive strategies

Machiavellian & Sadistic individuals were less likely to be members of sororities and fraternities; narcissistic individuals were more likely to be members; psychopathy was not associated with membership in sororities/fraternities

Animal House: The Dark Tetrad traits and membership in sororities and fraternities. Cameron S. Kay. Acta Psychologica, Volume 222, February 2022, 103473. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.actpsy.2021.103473


• Machiavellian individuals were less likely to be members of sororities and fraternities.

• Narcissistic individuals were more likely to be members of sororities and fraternities.

• Sadistic individuals were less likely to be members of sororities and fraternities.

• Psychopathy was not associated with membership in sororities or fraternities.

Abstract: Very little is known about the relationship between antagonistic personality traits and membership in Greek-letter organizations (GLOs). The present study (N = 2191) examined the association between the Dark Tetrad traits—Machiavellianism, grandiose narcissism, psychopathy, and everyday sadism—and membership in sororities and fraternities. Participants who were high in grandiose narcissism were more likely to be in sororities and fraternities, whereas participants who were high in Machiavellianism and everyday sadism were less likely to be in these organizations. Psychopathy was not significantly associated with membership in GLOs. Taken together, the present results suggest that members of GLOs are not necessarily more manipulative, cold-hearted, or cruel than their non-GLO counterparts, but they may be more entitled, domineering, and status-seeking.

Keywords: MachiavellianismGrandiose narcissismPsychopathyEveryday sadismSororityFraternity

4. Discussion

Previous research has examined the association between various general personality traits and membership in GLOs (e.g., Armstrong & Grieve, 2015). The present study extends our knowledge of the personality correlates of membership in such organizations by examining the association of four antagonistic personality traits—Machiavellianism, grandiose narcissismpsychopathy, and everyday sadism—with membership in sororities and fraternities. The results indicate that individuals high in grandiose narcissism are more likely to be members of GLOs, whereas those high in Machiavellianism and sadism are less likely to be members of GLOs. Psychopathy was not associated with membership in either sororities or fraternities.

The finding for grandiose narcissism may not come as much of a surprise. Grandiose narcissism is associated with both a need to reinforce a grandiose sense of self (Back et al., 2013Jones & Paulhus, 2011) and a need for affiliation (Jonason & Ferrell, 2016Jonason & Zeigler-Hill, 2018). Narcissistic individuals may, therefore, gravitate to GLOs because they see these organizations as a way to acquire status and expand their social networks. The present finding also aligns with previous work on general personality traits. Of the Five-Factor Model traits, extraversion demonstrates the greatest associations with membership in GLOs (Armstrong & Grieve, 2015Cole et al., 2003aCole et al., 2003bPark et al., 2009), and narcissism is defined, in part, by agentic extraversion (Miller et al., 2016).

The elevated levels of narcissism among GLO members may provide some benefits to these organizations. Narcissistic individuals tend to be more charismatic (Deluga, 1997), innovative (Kashmiri et al., 2017), influential (Goncalo et al., 2010), and, at least at zero-acquaintance, likeable (Back et al., 2010) than their non-narcissistic counterparts (see Campbell et al., 2011, or Fatfouta, 2019, for a review). These characteristics may prove beneficial when trying to establish new sorority or fraternity chapters, as well as when trying to recruit new members to existing chapters. That said, having narcissistic individuals in one's organization also carries numerous risks. For example, narcissistic individuals are more likely to exploit and abuse other members of their organizations (O'Boyle et al., 2012), defraud their organizations (Blickle et al., 2006), and make risky policy decisions (Buyl et al., 2019), all of which could be disastrous for organizations that are often already in a precarious position with their home institutions. The present study takes an important first step in establishing an association between narcissism and membership in GLOs, but additional work will be required to understand the consequences that this has for these organizations.

The negative association between Machiavellianism and membership in GLOs also does not come as much of a surprise given the existing literature. Machiavellianism is negatively associated with both a need for affiliation (Jonason & Ferrell, 2016Jonason & Zeigler-Hill, 2018) and—at least after accounting for narcissism and psychopathy—extraversion (Muris et al., 2017). It could be the case that Machiavellian individuals are too cold, aloof, and socially withdrawn to either want to join a GLO or be recruited into a GLO. Alternatively, Machiavellian individuals—given their penchant for manipulation (Rauthmann & Will, 2011)—may be seen as too conniving and duplicitous to be invited into these organizations. This could be because these behaviours make them unlikeable or because these behaviours are seen as a liability to the organization.

The negative association between sadism and membership in GLOs is a bit harder to make sense of, especially given the association between sadism and hazing (Arteta-Garcia, 2015). That said, those high in everyday sadism may feel less of a desire to join these organizations because they feel less of a need to affiliate with others (Jonason & Zeigler-Hill, 2018). Similarly, the psychological and physical cruelty typical of these individuals may make them unattractive as potential members of these organizations. There is, in fact, some evidence to suggest that sadistic individuals are viewed as less likeable than their non-sadistic counterparts (Rogers et al., 2018).

4.1. Limitations and future directions

The present study is not without its limitations. First, many of the effects identified here are quite small (Chen et al., 2010). We would encourage researchers to examine whether there are potentially more important determinants when it comes to membership in these organizations. Second, the present study was cross-sectional (i.e., measurement only occurred at one time), making it impossible to determine whether participants in sororities and fraternities are more narcissistic to begin with or whether they became more narcissistic after joining their respective organizations. Future longitudinal research could be undertaken to examine such possibilities. Third, narcissistic individuals have been known to engage in impression management (Kowalski et al., 2018). It is possible that a narcissistic individual who did not receive an invitation to join a sorority or fraternity may, nevertheless, report that they are part of a sorority or fraternity to give the impression that they are more popular or more desirable than they actually are. Future efforts should make use of other sources of data—such as sorority and fraternity membership records—to avoid this possibility. Fourth, the present study used only a single measure of the Dark Tetrad traits (i.e., the Short Dark Tetrad; Paulhus et al., 2020). It is yet unclear whether the relations identified in the present study would hold for other conceptualizations of the Dark Tetrad traits. For example, it seems plausible that measures of psychopathy that include less content related to irresponsibility and recklessness and more content related to fearlessness and social potency (e.g., the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-RevisedLilienfeld & Widows, 2005) would show positive associations with membership in GLOs. Finally, the Dark Tetrad traits were assessed as unidimensional constructs in the present study. It is, therefore, impossible to examine whether the effect of the Dark Tetrad traits on membership in GLOs varies depending on the exact aspect of the Dark Tetrad trait involved (e.g., narcissistic leadership/authority versus narcissistic entitlement/exploitativeness). Future research could use multidimensional measures of the Dark Tetrad traits to provide insight into these relations.