Thursday, May 20, 2010

Press Briefing

May 21, 2010

United States reaffirms commitment to addressing global hunger and food security through Feed the Future initiative

NGO's BPA Report Intended to Frighten, Not Enlighten. By Robert L. Brent MD, PhD, D.Sc

The Dangerous Illusion of 'Nuclear Zero' - Why even speculate about a nuclear posture that would require world peace as a precondition?

Timor-Leste Restoration of Independence Day

The Never Ending Renewable Energy Handout: Senate Committee seeks to make renewable energy handout “permanent”

Privatization Can Help Greece - Keynesians warned against Thatcher's policies in 1981. They were proven wrong

The Madness of Cotton - The feds want U.S. taxpayers to subsidize Brazilian farmers

Business Executives for National Security, Annual Policy Forum. Speech by Ellen Tauscher, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security
Washington, DC, May 19, 2010

Goodbye, Employer-Sponsored Insurance - Companies are discovering that it's cheaper to pay fines to the government than to cover workers

The Bankrupting of America - We have a ruinous collaboration of elected officials and unionized public workers

State of Metropolitan America

The Fear Returns - Europe's policy panic is feeding another financial panic

Estonia's Lessons for Greece - Europe's problem isn't the euro, but the failed fiscal policies of its political class

United States to Assist Palestinian Refugees in Syria

A Dose of Reality: Fact-Checking the White House on Health Insurance Policy

The White House Blog: Wall Street Reform and Sending Remittances

Junk Economics: A Closer Look at Those Shocking Health Insurance Profits

House Republicans Push Back Against Job-Killing Value-Added Tax

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