Sunday, December 3, 2017

Being fed up with life & with men: One life is more than enough

In Burma, in a Buddhist sermon by one of the most senior monks in the country, a NY Times journalist talks to a lady:
I got talking to Daw Kyaing, aged 65, a woman with a lovely smile. I asked her why there were more women than men attending.

“Because only the women want to go to heaven. The men are busy drinking.”

“Where will the men go?

“To hell.”

“What do you want to be in in your next life?”

“I don’t want to come back in any form.”

“One life is enough?”

“More than enough.”

“You wouldn’t want to come back as a man?”

“No. I don’t want to drink. My husband was violent. We had 11 children. Now he can’t drink, so he doesn’t beat me anymore. I live with him, and grow rice, on a bend in the peaceful river.”

I think that sums up things pretty well: Life is not worth living.Thats why there are anti-natalists:

Now, since you are alive, you may be useful to others. Or maybe you should be useful, we are not exempt of having good behavior, good words and good intentions:
  • care (with modest behavior) for your neighbors if you have no family or you are not in speaking terms with your kin;
  • try to be virtuous, from the easy to the difficult:
    • relatively easy: do not jump the queue, park the car well, do not litter, do not be noisy at home or in public, open the doors/give your seat to others (with modesty, not showing pompously you are such a good fellow), ...;
    • difficult: protect the weak, do not support discrimination of defenseless people --- this doesn't mean you need to offend the traditionalists in your country or family/clan/tribe, just be modest, rational and force you to believe that all human beings are that, human (not pigs/monkeys/cockroaches, as many say of those who are different), and behave with respect for all, despite their class defects (wrong religion, noisyness, wrong clothes, wrong customs, wrong politics, etc.);
  • work for some NGO some hours per week;
  • or create your own one --- possible ideas for your own NGO, besides helping neighbors:
  • teach your abilities to others (at work, to children in your area), always with modesty, since people is easly offended by those who offer help;
  • contribute a few pennies of your savings to buy a blanket, or water, or something else that is much needed for some person in your neighborhood (or a distant place, of course).
  • if you have talents for it, learn to play music, painting, etc., and entertain the others with your capabilities;
  • if you are exceptional in strength (physical and mental), you may some day be a firefighter, policeman, soldier;
  • try to be less sad, choleric, harsh to others;
  • physical exercise helps to be more useful in case of catastrophe.

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