Monday, February 11, 2019

In old age, people from higher classes commit more crimes (tax & insurance fraud, theft at work, &c) than those of lower ones; not by need, but to maintain/expand the status already achieved

Alter(n) und Straffälligkeit: Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis. Franziska Kunz, Thomas Görgen. January 2019, DOI: 10.5771/9783845276687-491

And a different world: The Crimes That Old Persons Commit. Oliver J. Keller, Jr., Clyde B. Vedder. The Gerontologist, Volume 8, Issue 1, Part 1, March 01 1968, Pages 43–50,

Check also Old Age and Crime. David O Moberg. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, vol 43, issue 3, 1953.

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