Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Washington Post & Gavin Schmidt on Sept 2023 temps

1  Honesty at the WaPo...: A sudden spike in global warmth is so extreme, it’s mysterious, Oct 13 2023,

2  but, as expected because of our constitutional glitches, Gavin Schmidt, on this summer's "extreme" (we don't know!!!) temps breaks things with the hind legs:

'“It is indeed hard to give a good and informed answer to why this is happening — possibly for the first time.'

FIRST TIME? You are so good that you didn't have until now a hard time giving a good why? This guy went to the lawmaker for decades, it seems, saying he has good and informed answers to the whys he was working on...

Reminds me of Paul Krugman:

On election night 2016, I gave in temporarily to a temptation I warn others about: I let my political feelings distort my economic judgment. A very bad man had just won the Electoral College; and my first thought was that this would translate quickly into a bad economy. I quickly retracted the claim, and issued a mea culpa. (Being an old-fashioned guy, I try to admit and learn from my mistakes.) [Can the Economy Keep Calm and Carry On? Paul Krugman. The New York Times, Jan 01 2018,]

Check other amusing comments at

Until election night 2016, an economist's record was flawless :-) :-) :-). Amazing.

Gavin, honey, the tenor f your remarks is totally expected, but nauseating the same, n'kay?

Update: as of Oct 16 2023, he didn't update his X/Twitter account with his own contribution to the WaPo.

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